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Celestion v30's (1pr) and (1pr) of Celestion Greenbacks -16 ohm


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I have two sets of speakers that are in excellent condition. They are NOT BLOWN. They are still in my cab as a matter of fact and sound great. Im on the search for a different tone and here's your chance to score some celestions at a bargain price.

The Vintage 30's are $145 each through musiciansfriend.com and the greenbacks are $125 each.


They are 16 ohms. The vintage 30's handle 60w each and the greenbacks handle 25w each.


Id like to see $140 a pair for the v30's and that includes shipping!

Id also like to see $140 for the greenbacks as well with same free shipping.

If you'd like all 4 speakers we can work up a deal. If you are intrested please email GothGibson71@aol.com

I do take paypal as well..


Thanks for looking


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