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Sennheiser md421-u-5


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I bought this mic years ago to do voice tracks for video, probably used it twice and there it has sat. Don't confuse this with the current 412 Mk II, this old mic is MUCH better! I would like to sell outright but I know the economy sucks so I will entertain partial trades for guitar stuff. It will come in a bag with a clip. There is plenty of info on these gems on the net so feel free to do your research, this is a great price for this mic! If anyone needs a great sounding mic, this is it! Let me know...


Here is the description:

The MD 421 is a well-known Sennheiser microphone of proven reliability and per*form*ance for many years now. Because of its excellent quality it is being used for almost all kinds of applications. The broadcasting stations use it for radio and TV field work, the musician prefers it for stage work as well as the recording amateur for home and outdoor recordings. The studio cardioid microphone MD 421 features a wide frequency response from 30 to 17,000 Hz. Its high sensitivity and slight increase in response towards high frequencies are responsible for its brilliant sound.




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