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pickups, gig bags, amp, amp case, drum....


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Spring cleaning. I've just about finished my projects, still need a few items, and realized I've got some stuff lying around that I won't use. prices shipped unless marked


EMG HZ2a pair. powdercoated black covers with single row of black polepieces, alnico 2 mags, quick connect, vintage output...not yer typical EMG's... $50 pair


Duncan designed HB103 neck.....$15


Ibanez humbucker pair- from one of my gio GSA20's. not bad sounding, I just found a set of dimarzios that match my other guitar. $25 pair


black ibanez floyd trem for parts....missing some string blocks, the insert where the bar goes is loose. It is fixable. $20


Chrome locking nut- $10


Chrome LH 6 inline tuners, small button- $15


Chrome RH 6 inline tuners, ibanez- $15


6 screw vintage style trem- no bar, claw and springs included.- $15


Planet Waves Gig Bag- SUPER bag, thickest padding I've ever seen on a bag, lots of storage, good straps. $35 + ship


Chrome snare drum- premier, 80's?, original heads, gig bag & stand included- $50 obo + ship


pair of 13" evans G2 heads, coated - $10 for both..new, just been lying around, so they have a couple of scratches on the coating....


Koch Twintone- first generation, mid 90's, hand numbered, two channels- fender and marshall-ish, 1x12. currently has a celestion g12t75, but I can put the vintage 30 back in. EL34's, 5 12ax7's (new JJ's). Great amp, I just don't use it... $850 + ship


Rolling gator style head case. branded "Mars music". telescoping handle has been replaced with a strap that actually works. $70+ shipping


got a couple of amp covers- $10 shipped, one fits a 1x12 the other looks like it would fit a fender super reverb or maybe a 2x12. pm me for dimensions.


looking for a good dimazio neck pickup (paf, paf pro, norton....) and a good hot bridge humbucker.....tall flat black pickup ring.....black 6 inline tuners......jeckyl & hyde pedal.......other stuff.....

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