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FS: Celestion, Rola, Fender speakers.


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Just gutted a 4x12 I bought, replacing all the speakers for 16ohm. My loss = your gain.


1 vintage Celestion G12/75. 8ohms, 75 watts. Date code reads GK8. Deciphered this means it was made July 7th, 1977. Check Celestion.com. Great condition other than the horrible soldering job on the contacts but, nevertheless, speaker looks and sounds great. No holes, tears, or buzzing. These are the same speakers they put / still put in Marshall 1960 style cabs.


1 vintage Rola. 8ohms, wattage unknown. Square-backed. Speaker code reads 285406. 285=Rola 4=year 06=week. After the mid-60's Rola went to a 4-digit date code to go along with the 3-digit manufacturer's code, so I can only assume the date code is 1954 or 1964. Most likely the latter. Speakers sounds really good actually but, sadly, has a small tear on the top rim of speaker. Completely fixable for someone with the know-how.


1 Fender Special Design Speaker. 8ohms, wattage unknown. Unfortunately, the speaker code for this speaker was on a sticker that was probably torn off before installed in this cab, so I can't properly identify this speaker. I know the Special Designs were used in some of the Reverb series amps and it has the blue label on the back of the magnet, so I can assume 60's-80's?


Pictures available. Please email me with your offer. abceightsix@yahoo.com


Here's to tone! :thu:

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Let's see...


$75 shipped for the Celestion.

$35 shipped for the Fender.

Just pay shipping for the Rola.


I might mention that the Fender is minty due to the face that it was not actually hooked up in the cab.


And, seriously, the Rola sounds good actually. I just don't feel comfortable charging for a speaker with a tear in the cone.

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