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FS: Pick-ups! TV Jones, Seymour


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I am cleaning out all the things I either never had a chance to install, or have lying around my guitar room. I want to pay off as much debt as I can, as I begin Grad School this fall. Here's what I got:


TV Jones Classic Bridge: A great pick up, less than 10 hours of actual play time on it. Its virtually untouched. I had it installed in a Fender Strat, which was actually a surprisingly good combination with the two single coils. Not to mention, it looked great! Got to love how these things look, and they sound even better. $80 shipped and Pay-Pal'd.








Next up is a set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. The Bridge is a double black, and the neck is a zebra (creme and black). These are hands down some of the best sounding pickups on the market. They have that great PAF tone, but just a bit hotter. Plenty of lead left in both of these.

$65 each Shipped and Pay-Pal'd.






Finally I have a Seymour Duncan JB Bridge pickup. If you are reading this forum, you are most certainly aware of this bad boy. Seymour Duncan himselves choice for his own guitars. Enough said.

$50 shipped and pay-pal'd





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