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I am unloading my rig, except for the Randall RM4 and Furman PL+. Prices include shipping/paypal/USA. All units include power supplies/power cords. and everything works as it should, with a few rack scratches here/there.


Successful transactions on this forum a few months back and trusted seller/buyer at Randall MTS forum. sacredgroove71--ebay ID.

PM or Email nhldrw@hotmail.com


Boss SX-700 $SOLD.

Alesis Quad+ $65.

Boss SX-700 $100. (sloppy input knob, pot is fine)

RSP Hush $75.

Yamaha MV802 $65.

DMC GCX $SOLD. (never gigged, blue LEDs, updated opamp)

VHT 2502 $800. (JJ tubes/EL34L, 6L6 capable in class A mode, never serviced, nor had a problem)

H/K Red Box $90. (Mint, never used other than testing)

JuiceGoose 8.L $65. (Never gigged, racked once)






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