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FS: Pickups (Dimarzio X2N, Seth Lover neck, JB Prototype, JB Nickel)


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Have a few extra pickups that need to be put to use. Prices shipped/PayPal'd. Not really looking for trades right now.


--Dimarzio X2N--($55) SOLD




--Seymour Duncan Custom Shop JB Prototype--($??)


Don't know much about this one, except that it's a JB prototype limited to a run of 777. The pole pieces are new (originals were rusty) and the pickup has some rust. Sounds great, though -- no problems. The sticker (signed w/ serial number) has fallen off but will be included. Has single conductor wire instead of the 4-con you usually see on a JB. Haven't seen these before so don't know where to price it. Feel free to make an offer or let me know if you have any other info. Here's ESP's webpage about this pickup. Looks like it's over $300 new??







--Seymour Duncan JB nickel cover-- SOLD

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