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FS: Cheap Gear


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Ive got a few cheap things up for grabs here.

Sorry for the ****ty pics :/

My camera's not charged.

But basically I dont need these laying around anymore because theyre taking up space. So I need these gone ASAP.


Lyon by Washburn Distortion


To me this sounds much more like an OD than a Distortion.

Pedal shows some wear, paints starting to chip a bit, but in works fine




^Not me


$20 shipped.


Danelectro Pastrami OD SOLD!



Six inline strat tuners


What can I say, there strat tuners.

I have no idea what ratio they are and they attach to the headstock via a screw.



$15 shipped


Single coil alnico mid pup


Originally cam out of a squier IIRC.

Ive artifically aged the cover,

I'd see how hot it is but my multimeter isnt working.

Decent leads, not long, but so-so



$10 shipped


Box of Dunlop finger picks


Found these awhile back and picked them up.

I dont use them so yeah.

It appears theres a whole box here though.




Idk about these, Shoot me an offer.


Broken BOSS SD-1 SOLD!


Rocktek Chorus pedal


A decent 3 knob chorus pedal, I just need to cut the fat on my board.

In decent condition, missing battery cover. I can get a pic if needed.


All prices ARE negotionable.

I accept Money Orders or paypal.




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