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ibanez4life SZ!

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Hey guys!


Offering this out to anyone running EMGs or any other sort of active pickup/system in their guitar or bass.


I put together a clip that snaps right into your existing EMG wiring, and allows you to run at 18V. NO SOLDERING, NO CUTTING, and COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE so you can swap back and forth to really hear the difference. You don't need anything else. This clip will allow you to run your active systems at 18V!


I personally run ALL my active pickups at 18V, and I would never run them again without it. Completely changes the feel and response of the pickups for the better. If you have had even the SLIGHTEST complaint about active pickups, this is for you. Works great for guitar and bass!


I'm only asking $9 shipping and paypalled for the clips.


PM me if you're interested!



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