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WTB bridge pickup with LONG lead


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I have a semi-hollow Schecter and the bridge pickup must connect to the toggle switch, which is inconveniently no less than about 10 inches away (imagine where the switch on a LP is only a bit further). I need a cheap ($30ish or less) bridge pickup with lead at least 10 inches long. I have a few pickups to trade so PM me please!


I bought this guitar about a month ago and i have yet to play it because i removed the pickups the day after i bought it, and it has been sitting in it's stand ever since. I bought new pickups, but the bridge pickup did not have a long enough lead, so i tried extending it. That didn't work at all and after trying 4 times, i nearly sent the guitar through the wall. The guitar really has been a pain in the ass since i got it, but i'm not giving up on her yet. Please let me know if you would be willing to help me out. :cry:

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