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Looking to trade for some pickups


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Im looking to trade some of the gear I have for any one of these pickups (BRIDGE POSITION ONLY)


Seymour Duncan Super Distortion

SD Full Shred

SD Blackouts(6 string version only)

Dimarzio D Activator

Diactivator X

Tone Zone



I would trade any of this gear or a combo of gear for any of these pups:


Rackmount 2 channel MDX1200 AutoCom compressor/expander/Limiter(VG Cond.)

Jensen Wireless Guitar system (Near Mint)

Zoom RFX300 Multi-Fx Pedal

Fender Strat Replacement Single coil(Never Used,Mint)

Unknown Humbucker from an 80's Kramer pacer(bridge)

Bridge Humbucker from a 2001 BC Rich Warlock

Passive EMG style humbucker from a Signature Kerry King Flying V

Behringer 8 Channel Mixer(Mint) w/ power cord, ALL manuals and in Original packaging


PM or e-mail if interested. E-mail is ripper6192008@yahoo.com


Pix available for all units upon request

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