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Carvin C22B and C22N pickups


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I swapped out the C22N and C22B in my DC400 for some DiMarzios. So, I thought I'd offer them up for trade if anyone wants them. The C22N came with my DC, which I bought in 2005. I put the C22B in a year later.


Here is a pic showing the length of wire left:




They are in great condition and have no scratches. I don't have the coil rings for them--I needed to keep those, for now, for my DC, until I get new rings.


I don't really need cash, so I'd prefer to trade for something fun--I figure I'll get more mileage out of them that way. So, if you've got a fun pedal you'd like to swap, make an offer. I can throw in an eBow , too, for the right trade. (Actually, I've also got an MXR EVH Flanger and Guyatone St-2 compressor, while I'm at it, that I'm not using that I could throw it for the right deal.)


I don't need any sort of chorus, delay, wah, or phaser. I wouldn't mind another decent overdrive, or even some goofy pedal I'd only occasionally use (like a tremolo).

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