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New Alto Flute - Silver Plate - New - Plays Great!


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I am selling a new key of F Alto flute, pointed keys, (1) curved silver plated head, and (1) straight silver plated head. This flute is part of a batch of custom prototype flutes I ordered, for my own business. This means, that although it was manufactured overseas, I have made my own adjustments and modifications, here in the USA. This flute has been tested for pad leaks, it has none. The head cork has been modified to increase vibration of the headpieces and to improve intonation. Generally speaking for all alto flutes, the curved headpiece on an Alto flute tends to vibrate a little less not sounding as nice as the straight headpiece, and is a little more more difficult to control the intonation. However, with the adjustments I have made, the curved headpiece has great improved sound and the intonation is as good as the straight headpiece.


I am a flautist and have played this flute myself. It responds well, sounds great, and has very good intonation. However, if you have not played an alto flute before, be aware it will take a little practice to get your embouchure adjusted to where you can keep the human part of the intonation where it should be. Try it before you buy it, in Lake Ariel, PA. I only take cash. Check out the attached picture.:wave:

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