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Pickups: Old APH1b, Brobucker, Fralin, WCR, Marshallhead, Duncan Custom, Seymourizer


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FS: Pickups: Old APH1b, Brobucker, Fralin, WCR, Marshallhead, Duncan Custom, Seymourizer


Seymour Duncan Custom shop brobucker, double creme $90


(previously opened for magnet change but original magnet and new tape)


Wolfetone Marshallhead bridge double black $85






Double creme Brobucker and Filmore (see below) in Les Paul:






Covered Fralin humbucker 9 Kohm, for bridge, with box. $75


[sOLD]WCR Filmore neck, double creme. $85[/sOLD]









Seymour Duncan Seymourizer, essentially a first-generation Distortion

neck. 13 Kohm class coils, large ceramic magnet.


Double black with logo. (the one with the long legs)








[sOLD]Like new Duncan Custom, double black no logo. $45[/sOLD]


Old APH1 bridge MJ wound, old looking cover. $60





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[Filmore is SOLD]


[bump and a copy'n'paste of my trade items]


Trades I'm interested in:



You can always dump old MIJ Les Pauls on me.


A quality Strat, along the lines of a '62 American Reissue.


Boutique pickups, mainly neck humbuckers and Strat pickups.


Speakers: Celestion G12-65 and clones thereof (Tonespotter et al).


EH Electric Mistress Flanger (not stereo).


Lexicon PCM70/80/81.




Specific pickups wanted:



Hot stack and hot rails bridge for Tele.


Duncan Antiquity 1 ("Texas Hot") for Strat.


Strat neck with ebony board (no dual truss rods).


WCR crossroads neck.


Duncan Custom Shop "The 78" neck.




In general, I like Partscasters but I don't trade U.S made "whole

guitars" for them. I only trade Partscasters to Partscasters (which

includes non-vintage Japanese instruments).


I could be convinced to like amps along the lines of a Mesa Rectoverb

or DC-5, combos preferred.

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