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WTT: 1990's Blessing ML-1 trumpet for guitar/synth/other stuff


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I've got an old trumpet that I rarely play any more, thought I'd post it here, see if I can get anything I would actually use in trade.


Info: It's a silver Blessing ML-1 from the early 90's. I believe that it was purchased for me in 1993, I don't know exactly when it was made. Though it was a new horn, it had been sitting in my instructor's office for at least a year. It's in pretty good shape, considering its age, and that it hasn't been played with any regularity since 1999. I clean it from time to time and I've done my best to keep it lubed, but the main tuning slide has gotten stuck. It would only take a couple of dollars at a local music store to remedy this. Also, apparently, the spit valve from the 3rd valve slide is missing. This would be another rather inexpensive fix. Mouthpices shown are included. (2C, 3C, 5C, 7C-W) There are a couple of dings (nothing major), as I used it for marching band in '98 and '99. It's a great horn for an intermediate player who doesn't need a Bach Strad or comparable instrument.


What I'd like in trade: I'm pretty open, actually. Hit me up with pretty much anything, I'm especially interested in MIM (or higher end Squier) Teles or Strats, EHX pedals, and Synth stuff (Roland SH-201 or microkorg would be awesome, would consider a nice MIDI controller as well.)


Will take trades + cash as well, but I don't have much cash to add the other direction, so keep that in mind.


I'd also consider a trade for a Wii package of some sort, since that's what my son wants for Christmas. Will entertain cash offers as well, if anyone wants to make one. I'd prefer to trade, though.









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