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musical stickers made to order


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My wife asked me to post on here to bring attention to her new buisness venture. She':lol:s making musical related stickers to put on your guitar cases or bumpers or windows or wherever you want to stick em.If you have a design Idea already in mind then just send it to me ( or her )and she will let you know if she can do it or not.Most likely she can. She's also in the process of making up some of her own designs to show you.As of right now the pricing looks like $4 for 1 bumper sized sticker or $4 for 2 smaller sized stickers (of the same design)+ $2 dollars shipping. She just got laid off from her job and I'm disabled and things are really getting very tough for us right now so your buisness would really be appreciated very much.Also the stickers don't have to be musical related if you have something else in mind, she will do one up of whatever you like. You can E-mail me direct @ riproaringrick@yahoo.com or her @ busywumon@yahoo.com just put bumper stickers in the title space so it dont go to the spam folder.Thanks and Merry Christmas to all the HC members

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