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OT: ground loop?

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My band rehearses at low volume in my basement (using edrums; volume knob!). I record direct from my Yamaha 01V to my old Teac 3440; I have good reasons for doing it this way, and that's not what I want to discuss. I get a fairly strong 60Hz hum from the recorder. It's inputs are RCA. I've connected to the 01V using both the Tape Out RCA jacks, and the buss outs, which are balanced 1/4; different cables. I get the same hum from either connection. The hum is the same if the 01V is turned on or off. The tape deck is plugged into the same outlet strip inside the PA rack, as the 01V. Two of the buss outs connect to a monitor amp and are silent, no hum.

I used the same setup with our prior mixer, a Yamaha MG206C, and it was silent.

The Teac has a 2 prong plug. There is a knurled screw labelled 'Ground'. I've considered connecting this to the screw on the outlet plate, but not sure that's a good or safe idea.

While the recordings are not important, just used to evaluate vocals really, I'd sure like to understand where the hum is coming from and how to correct it. Ideas appreciated?

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