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Various Parts for sale: Hondo Neck, PGs, P90


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A few misc. items for sale. Cleaning out the parts bin. Paypal preferred.


1. Maple/ RW strat style neck: 2 3/16" at the heel. Came from a Hondo Fame Strat copy of un-known origin. I bought the neck from a scrap heap in 1993. I stripped and refinished with Satin Wipe on Poly. Some fine sanding marks can be seen on the headstock, but this is easily remedied with some sanding and a bit of elbow grease. Finish is very thin. Frets have been levelled and polished- frets 2 and 3 still have very minimal wear, but it's a great playing neck. Includes Korean Grover Copy tuners and one string tree, no nut. The tuners are really solid and hold tune very well. This is a great neck and the frets are in great shape for the age. Neck holes have been filled and re-drilled and one of them can use another round of filling drilling.Asking $35 shipped.










2. SX-neck P90- Ceramic- great sounding pickup. About 5" of original lead left. Mounting screws and springs. Asking $12 shipped.


3. BWB Tele PG P90 cutout. Came off of an SX STL- no screws. Good condition, minor scratches. Asking $12 Shipped.


Will combine the P90 and pickguard for $20 shipped.


4. WBW GFS Dual HB Strat PG: wired with a GFS 3-way switch, 2 500K Alpha pots and a Sprague Orange Drop .457 tone cap. Perfect for HB sized P90s. Good condition with minor scratches. Asking $20 shipped.


5. BWB GFS Dual HB Strat PG: 1 Vol. and drilled for 1 tone knob. Great condition w/ minor scratches. Asking $12 shipped.


6. Custom cut Pearloid PG for neck P90. I cut this from an SX PG to use on a dual P90 guitar. Great shape and I could easily see this on an VX-650 or tele with strat neck of some sort. Asking $12 shipped.


See it here:




I'll post pics of the various PGs and SX P90 ASAP.



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