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As the title states all kinds of stuff here we go


4 casters from a 1968 bandmaster cabinet

1 set of the locking deals off the bottom of a 1972 Bassman 100(the thumb screws from the speaker cab not included)

1 metal speaker cabinet plaque from a bassman 100 cab with screws serial number 6765

1 single button footswitch no brand name on it(1/4 shaft/tip)

2 knobs for pots red dice

1 complete set of tuners from a EW ibanez acoustic 3 per side

1 Jim Dunlop chrome slide sticker inside says 220

2 complete sets Schaller strap locks chrome( if you get both I will include an extra locking device. The part that goes on th strap)

SOLD!1 Squier Tele style neck removed from a Squier 51(I spent 2 hours on the fret ends they are smoother than the frets on my American Strat)

1 Gibson LP studio pickgaurd

1 Gibson LP studio truss rod cover

1 set black speed knobs from a LP studio

1 Gibson LP 3 way with full length wire

1 set Gold Gibson humbuckers (490r-498t) not a scratch

If You are interested PM me email address I will send pics, to many to post so dont ask. Include items of interest and offer. If you want to get close to what I want, go to ebay completed items as I will and what the last one sold for will be close, I will go less! Shipping will be actual to your door. I accept paypal but you cover fees. I think thats it any other questions just ask. My username on ebay is the same as here with 245 transactions 100% pos feedback. Please keep your comments on my items off my thread. You dont like how I am doing things move on. Sick of my threads being sounding boards for angry people who should practice as much as they type.

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