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S101 Tele For parts? Duncan/Dimarzio pups


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Been trying to sell my parts tele, because it's sitting around, taking up space. Will sell the whole deal for $240 shipped, will part out the loaded body for $170 shipped. Will consider trades...looking for pedals, Rat/Fuzz/dirt pedals, synth type pedals, whammy, etc...feel free to make an offer.


i took a pic of the guts, just for fun:


and here's the whole deal:



it really is a great guitar, it's just that i now have 4 electrics, and I feel that's a bit too many...the only thing i'd change is the tuners, the guitar stays in tune just fine, but they feel cheap..the neck isn't that bad for being a cheap tele copy. Never had an issue with it...


Good shape, with a few nicks here and there.

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