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For Sale: Brand new in package Fender Jazz Bass pickguard in brown shell color

Jon Hiller

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Hi, I have a brand new in the package Fender brand pickguard. The Fender part number is 0053248002, and the label says it is for a Mexican Jazz Deluxe active..... color is brown shell, which looks like tortoise to me. I'll be honest, I'm just looking to get back out of it what I have in it, I ordered it in for the guy who does service for my shop, and when I got it in, it was the wrong pickguard. He has a P-bass, and apparently my wholesaler had their part numbers mixed up in their book. Retail on this is $45.99, and I have half that in it plus shipping. I'd like to get $30.00 shipped priority in the USA, paid via paypal gift.


A couple more details, it has 10 holes in it, and it's 4-ply, with brown shell on top, followed by white/black/white. PM me if interested.


Here's a quick photo from my Blackberry of what it looks like in the package:




Note: the blue speck on it is a piece of glitter on the outside of the package from a new guitar strap and I didn't notice it before I took the pic, it's not on the pickguard.

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