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FS: Motor City Pickups 2nd Degree Black Belts (hot PAF style buckers) - Zebra


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FOR SALE: Motor City Pickups 2nd Degree Black Belts Humbuckers.

Zebra bobbins (creme screw, black slug). Long legs. Standard Spacing. 2-conductor full length braided wire.


Alnico 5 magnets. Vintage tone with a little bit of extra push. Perfect in a LP - just ask Jerry Cantrell.


7.8 for the neck. 8.7 for the bridge, taken from my digital multimeter.


Practically brand new condition.


***Got these from the man himself, Wade, and only had these in a guitar for about a month. An opportunity came along for a set of nickel ones from a friend, so I made the swap, and like the covered look better in my particular guitar. GREAT sounding zebra set here, I just don't have a guitar to put them in right now. ***


$300 new. $200 shipped and paypal'd.


Email is easier (I'll respond from my iPhone) nickpierro AT mac DOT com


Gift option preferred, but not required.

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