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FS/FT - pickups, parts, pots, stuff, gibson, duncan, rio grande, schaller


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All prices paypalled/shipped to CONUS




Here is a bunch of stuff:


Pots are all Alpha 500k and are new. $2.50 each.

LP harness (by yours truly) 500k pots and Russian military spec PIO caps .022 and .015 - for a les paul - $20

Thumb cutters $2

Speed knobs and reflectors $2 each

Abalone/black knobs, never used, $8

Toggle Switches $6

Gotoh made in Japan Bridge - new - $10

Output Jack, new $2


*For the single coil pickups, buyer gets to choose from the available pickup covers. I have 1 White, 1 off-white (parchment?) and 1 (what looks to be) mint. See the photos. I also have Black covers available.


Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy (Reverse) $40

Duncan SSL-5 (Reverse) $40

Fender Tex Mex (bought from MGR but never used) $15

Fender MIM ceramic (bought from MGR but never used) $10







Next up is a Gibson Patent No neck pickup - this is from a 1990 LP Studio. Im fairly certain its not a Shaw so don't get your hopes up - likely a 490 perhaps? It sounds fine but its identical to the bridge pickup so I need something more. Trades only on this one - I'm looking for an Alnico 5 neck humucker - PAF or hot PAF style *edit* will sell for 45 uncovered or 60 covered.





Schaller humbucker, stock in an 80's Peavey USA Patriot (single humbucker model) Hot pickup, may be ceramic, check peavey's site for technical info- $25


the SSL 5 as it was not pictured above


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