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BRAND NEW Fender 70s classic maple neck with tuners and hardware, "U" profile, nice!

Bobby D

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I have a brand new, May 2010 production, Fender 70s Classic neck for sale or trade.


This is the 3 bolt neck with microtilt. it's has the "F" logo 70s style tuners, string trees, and will come with the Fender 3 bolt neckplate and the neck screws. Big Headstock, 70s era logo, very JIMI vibe to this neck!


It is a big "U" profile neck, very comfortable to play, and the frets are in BRAND NEW CONDITION, I have only done a couple of gigs with this guitar, and the frets are nicely finished, level, and the neck plays very well.


GLOSS finish, and it's in 99% mint condition, no excuses.


$299 shipped and paypalled in the USA, $25 extra for international (except Canada, same price for you my northern friends)


WILL POSSIBLY TRADE this neck for a high quality Warmoth or Musikraft or USACG neck -- must be MAPLE neck/fingerboard, preferably compound radius or 9.5" or flatter radius with JUMBO frets.


I thought about trying to refret this neck, but I think I would rather just swap necks or buy another one instead of refretting this one.




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