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FT/FS boogie tubes/sovtek tubes/boogie bias mod circuit


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hey gang.

sold my dual rectifier 3 channel last week and i got some extras to get rid of.

1. 3 6L6 boogie tubes 430 yellows lite use 10.00 each/trades

2. 2 6L6 boogie tubes 430 greys. lite use 10.00 each or trades


3 4 BRAND NEW Matched Quad sovtek 6L6 WXT+ power tubes. excellent tubes!!!! 60.00 or trade for a new set of el34s.


4. 1 BRAND NEW bias mod circuit. i purchased from manfield guitars and before i got it i sold my amp. adjustment and resistor built directly on a small circuit board. 35.00 or trades.


i am open to offers for the whole pkge. would like a set of el34s or kt77 trade for the new sovteks though.


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here is a pic of the bias mod circuit. cant be any cleaner device.
comes with instructions and the resistor that needs to be removed is circled in the instructions. this is for a mesa boogie dual rectifier 3channel head. i am sure it would work with the other rectifiers.
$35.00 or trades

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