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Squier Maple neck, loaded dual humbucker guard


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Squier Standard neck, maple with tuners. I'm a Rosewood guy, so I'm selling this one. Has the word "Victory" Sharpee'd on the back of the head. I'll work on getting that off. Has a nice feel but I have no idea of the shape or radius. $80 PP'd and SHP'd w/ insurance in the CONUS


Loaded w/b/w/ Squier guard w/ dual humbuckers. These actually sound great but I need that single coil sound. No issues. $45 PP'd and SHP's w/ insurance in the CONUS


Both the neck and guard are from this 1999 Squier Standard Stratocaster:




Here's the back of the head :




Sorry, but not looking for trades ..... Thanks !!

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