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FS/FT: Motor City Pickups - Black Iron Bridge Pickup


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So last week I went to Luxxtone and played a bunch of pickups through a tester guitar, and ended up liking and taking home the Motor City - Black Iron pickup.

However, when I put it in my guitar, I didn't like is as much.




I would like to trade this, if possible, for another Motor City pickup...


I'd like to try either another Warcry, Hell Baby, or Nuke.


I've already got a Solution, and a Warcry coming, But would take another Warcry as well.


It is Nickel Covered.


Standard Spacing.

Short Leg

2 Conductor

Has 100% full length wire, nothing cut, looks brand new, basically is brand new.


Lemme know if anyone has what I'm looking for.


and No, I'm not interested in your Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan's, pedals, or anything other than what I asked for.


possibly some nickel or chrome Bare Knuckles...maybe a Holy Diver or Painkiller or Warpig. But let's keep it simple, please.

Cost me $150+.

* Willing to sell for $140. shipped.

If you order this now, it will take 3+ weeks to get one, and cost $157. Save some cash and buy mine!





In case anyone was wondering...

the Black Iron...sounds like this...


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