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Pair of used single-coil pickups, strat type, and a tele neck pickup

Jon Hiller

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Hi, I have a pair of strat-style single coil pickups, I think these were out of a Squier strat, but I can't remember, they've been hanging around for a while. The one with black and white wires reads 5.62K ohms, and the one with black and red wire reads 5.13K ohms. These two pickups are very slightly different, as the pole pieces don't line up if you switch the covers, and while they both have a plastic top bobbin, they are slightly different, even though the base plate looks pretty much alike. Here are a couple pics of these:





Next up is a tele neck type pickup, this came out of an old Epiphone tele copy. It reads 6.49K ohms. I just noticed that the shield is unsoldered from the chrome cover, I will repair this before I ship the pickup out. Here's a couple pictures of this one:






I'm looking to get $25.00 shipped for the three, shipping is via priority mail, and payment via paypal. If you have any questions or are interested in these, hit me up via PM.


EDIT: I came across what I believe is the bridge pickup from the same Epiphone tele copy that this neck pickup came out of, I will include in in this package for the same price, so now it's 4 pickups for $25.00 shipped. PM me!

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