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WTT: Pedals for Duncan Cool Rails, Vintage Rails, or Duck Buckers...


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Like the title says...I'm looking to trade some pedals, for either a Duncan Cool Rails, Vintage Rails, or Duck Buckers...they HAVE TO be the new design (without the lip on the bottom, as it'll be going into a Jag, and pickups with the strat style lip on the bottom will not fit)...I'd prefer white or cream/aged white, but will accept black pups too...I only need one.


what I've got to trade...


Boss TR-2 Tremolo in great shape, newer version with the trim pot on the board, so there is no volume drop. Has velcro on the bottom.


Boss AW-2 Auto Wah also in great shape, works perfectly...Its a weird effect, has the typical Envelop filter sorta sounds, plus does a sweeping wah sound. Sweeps like a Phaser does. Its pretty groovy, I just never really use it. No Velcro


Might consider Trading my Biyang AD-7 Analog Delay though I really don't want too...But I honestly have no real reason to have it AND a DD-20 on my board...so meh. Its a really kool sounding delay, with an almost tape like feel to the repeats. Does a GREAT self oscillation. Velcro on the bottom


Also looking for a 12" 4ohm guitar speaker that'll handle at least 100watts...Doubt anyone has one (does anyone even make 4ohm 12" guitar speakers?)...but its worth throwing out there, haha.

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