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FS: Fender Hardware. Tele US Deluxe bridge, strat hardtail


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Hey guys. Got some official Fender hardware for sale.


STRAT HARDTAIL BRIDGE: Fender Vintage dimensions. This is an official Fender Bridge. Import version, but has the same exact dimensions of the US Vintage one. Vintage string spacing and hole mounting pattern. I bought this recently off of eBay from Pitch Perfect Music. Brand new unused.


$15 SHIPPED in the USA





TELE BRIDGE: US Deluxe Fender Telecaster Bridge. Brass baseplate, and CHROME brass saddles (not the stainless ones like the regular American Standard bridges). These are rare and pretty hard to come by. And if purchased seperately, the saddles alone go for $45 new... Super clean condition. Comes with (3) mounting screws. $65 shipped in the USA.



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