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FS Custom guitar/amp shipping boxes


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Does anyone have any interest in custom built guitar/amp shipping boxes? I have access to premium packaging supplies at discounted rates and can make high quality shipping boxes. I've been doing this or a while for my own shipments, but am throwing it out there to see if you guys would be interested in them. I make them out of triple wall cardboard and 3/4" honeycomb cardboard pads. They're built super strong and can be reused.


It's always a concern of mine when shipping a guitar/amp to make sure it's packaged the best it can be, so I won't have to worry about filing a shipping complaint and waiting to recoup the insurance on a $2,000 guitar/amp. All shipping services are a pain to deal with and may not pay out if you didn't use what they consider adequate packaging. I'll have to crunch the cost numbers but it will be somewhere near $40 for my time and materials.


I recently shipped a Bernie Rico Jr V through USPS to the UK and because the case was so large I had to make sure I built a box exactly within the limits to ship international which is 108" (Length + girth). This box was exactly 108". Pics below.


If anyone is interested PM me or reply to this thread and if there is enough interest we'll take it from there.







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Between $30-$40 depending on the size.


Instead of ripping my rig apart I made a box for an Ashdown project amp that doesn't work. One day I'll get around to fixing it, unless if someone wants it. I came up with a different design for this one. It's two rectangular boxes made out of triple wall cardboard that you overlap to create a super strong box. I allowed for 1/4" of bubble wrap, but can make it large enough for whatever padding you'd like. I ran out of heavy duty packing tape so I used regular cellophane shipping tape.









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