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'67 Fender Duo Sonic II/ Mustang Black Bottom Pickups


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The bad news is that the neck pickup seems to be dead (well, it is dead according to my multimeter.) I don't know how it happened, if it is easily repairable, or if it will need to be rewound entirely (Fralin will do this for around $50 I think.) I must have messed something up when I took it out, which makes me feel sick but anyways....






The dead neck pickup has 7-26-67ea in pencil on the back, and the bridge pickup (about 5.8k from my cheap multimeter) has no markings on the back.


And here is a picture of the guitar they came from (not for sale!)




I have the original four screws, rubber retainers, and some of the cloth wire. Covers not included.


I'm asking $90 shipped for the set, or best reasonable offer.



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