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FS: RG760 Neck, Body, Dimarzio Pickups, Ibanez Delay Pedal


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More parts to sell off.


1989 RG760 neck, Original Wizard, Black finished headstock, and recent Chrome Gotoh hardware:

Neck was tung oil finished a few years ago, and shows a bit of play wear. No warps or twists that I can see. The bound edges of the fretboard are slightly rolled, the frets themselves are recently level and have almost no wear. Should have a bit more life out of the frets before needing a re-fret. The binding is a little thin on the bass side right by the nut, from when the neck was sanded down. Slight swirling in the finish on the headstock, and one small ding near the bottom of the swoosh. No truss rod cover. Zero cracks! Hardware is a set of Chrome Gotoh tuners and locking nut, exactly like the stock only newer.


SOLD pending payment..

Photos(links because I exceeded the pic limit):











1989 RG760 body, Jewel Blue finish, with neck plate, all white pearl plastic covers:

This has seen better days. The guitar was "swimming pool" routed for an HSH setup with a pickguard. The control cavity goes all the way through the guitar. None of that is noticable with the covers on, though. (One screw in the pickguard has to go to the bottom of the rout though, I have a screw long enough included.) Edge inserts still in the body, no posts. Numerous chips in the finish(mostly along the edge of the body), some dents in the front and back. One thin paint crack on the bass side of the neck pocket, none on the treble side. Would make a great figured top project, IMO.


Neck plate is a Bennsalem PA one, blank SN# area. Covers are all from Jeannies on Ebay.

$125 Shipped in the USA.








Dimarzio Blue Velvet Bridge - SOLD


Dimarzio Super Distortion, DP100, White, F-Spaced

Near Mint in the box, was in a guitar for a couple months, never left the house.

SOLD pending payment...




Ibanez DE-7 Delay Pedal - SOLD



Payment: Paypal preferred, Postal Money orders accepted.

Location: Daytona Beach, FL

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