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FT: Fralin P92


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These P92's are just amazing pickups and I really hate to see this go, but I've got a project that really needs to get finished. My main trade ideas for this or kind of a long shot, but a man's gotta try. I'm looking for a bridge pickup to fit a dogear P90 mount, but not necessarily a P90 pickup. A TV Jones Classic Plus with english mounts would be cool, or one of the mini humbuckers that Rio Grande makes that goes into a dogear mount. I will also consider higher output P90's. For reference I'm looking for something to mate with an Alnico Poled Fralin P90 wound to 8.6k, so I'd need a P90 wound around 10k or so.


As far as specs on this P92:

6.9k neck wind

Chrome cover


For the sake of full disclosure there are some light scratches in the pickup cover, and a small tear in the black tubing around the lead wire. Purely cosmetic issues and the pickup is functioning flawlessly.

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