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I was cleaning up and realized I have too much junk laying around the house that I'm not using. Not really looking for trades, but a Blues Deluxe, Rgnater Renegade, nice boost/light dirt pedal or some type of floyd equipped strat would be interesting. I'm in no hurry to move this stuff, but I may be willing to bundle. I'm not willing to get raped though. Prices do not include shipping. Pics of some items are now posted.


B52 AT212

100 watt tube 2x12 combo. One clean, two dirty channels, on-board spring reverb, FX loop, four button foot switch, etc... Works great, loud enough for any gig, new Sovtek 5881 power tubes. $350


Traynor Guitarmate 3




1 strat copy body, appears to be a laminate body, swimming pool rout, light blue with light metal flake finish $25

1 Ibanez style body, wood block inserted in tremolo cavity, now has hardtail bridge, could be returned to original configuration with some work, white $25

1 Ibanez RG560 body, early-mid 90s, stripped and poorly refinished in battleship gray, takes older style necks. $125

1 red strat-ish body, cheap pickups and Kahler-style trem. No writing on the trem other than "Korea" on the back side. $50 (everything included)

1 Tele style body, spalted maple, started to fill and sand the body but still needs a lot of work, SOLD LOCALLY

1 RH Eden brand tele neck, brand new, glossy maple on maple. SOLD

1 LH strat style neck with gold vintage style tuners (may have a string tree or two for it as well) Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, good condition, $65

1 RH strat style neck, "NY PRO" label on headstock, nut should be replaced, rosewood fretboard, chrome tuners included, $50

1 RH strat style neck, no name, from late 80's or early 90's, rosewood fretboard, black tuners included $75

1 alder strat style body, stripped, primed and shot with one can of sonic blue nitro. Finish is thin in a couple spots and it could use a second can to even it out. $175



1 black Duncan Alnico II pickup early 90s version, leads are about 6.5" $50

1 white DiMarzio HS3 single coil, 11" leads $35

3 MIM fender pickups (cream covers) with 250k cts pots from classic players 50's strat $40

1 tort-colored WD wired strat pickguard w/3 Rio Grande halfbreed single coils, 1 volume and 2 tone pots, 5 way switch $115



1 black Ibanez edge trem, no claw, no nut. $65

1 gold strat style trem, input jack neck plate and pickguard screws $40

Bags full of jacks, knobs, pots, Schaller strap locks (gold and black), etc... Let me know if you need something for a cheap project, I might just have it.



1 DOD classic tube $30

1 Mesa Rectifier footswitch $20

1 DOD Ice box Chorus $30

1 Danelectro Dan Echo $30

1 Digitech Turbo Flange $35

1 EH LPB1 $30



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Sorry for the delay and I'm sure there will be requests for more pics. I've been dealing with sick relatives and their flooded houses and I haven't been home too much. I will get more pics up in a couple days. There are multiple people interested in some items, first ones to commit will get the items.


Thanks to everyone for their interest

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Interested in the spalted tele body... awaiting pics.

Any idea where/what it's from?



Not really. I saw it on ebay and bid on it while I was drinking. I put in a low bid and ended up winning. It's very raw, great project body.

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Still interested in the body, regardless of how rough, but I'd like to see a pic.

ZERO hurry though... take care of your friends and relatives first!

It is in the pic in the photobucket link above. I will take another if you would like.



Sorry, sold locally and picked up

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