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WTT: Tonepros Tune-o-matic set for Callaham Tremolo


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Have an unused Tonepros Tune-O-Matic locking bridge set, nickel hardware, standard USA threading. That means the tailpiece, bridge, threads, studs, bushings and mounts are included. About $130 + shipping new.



This one is a bit different than the Tonepros I have used in the past. They don't lock down via the studs anymore - the tailpiece has tiny allen screws that lock to the studs. Much better design IMO and the quality overall on this set seems to be improved from previous versions. Everything looks extremely tight and it reminds me of quality that I've seen from boutique makers such as Pigtail.













Cash is always king, but trying to swing for a Callaham Tremolo system or similar if possible. Ordered a new strat body with vintage spacing and looking to put the best hardware on it. Value is about the same, maybe $10 more for the Callaham or so.

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