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FS- Padded D2F cover for Rockerverb 50 MK II 2x12 combo


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I have a barely used padded cover for a MK II 2x12 Rockerverb 50 combo. Custom made for me by D2F, I was actually the first guy to have one made for the MK II 2x12 so I did the measurements for the guy. Fits like a champ and has a nice padding to it. Black in color. Side cutouts for the handles.


Great cover, I just received a road case for the amp though, so this cover is basically now just sitting in the closet.


I paid $85-$90 for it new. I'll let it go for $60 paypal'd and shipped. I know it's kind of an odd thing to post, but hey, I imagine someone will want one. I did. . So if you're looking you may as well save $25-30. PM me or respond if interested. Not sure how it fits on a MK I but if you measure the MK I we can compare.

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