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F-spaced Humbucker, Bass tuners, bridge, and EMG bass humbucker


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I ended up with some unused parts after putting together a few projects, so maybe they can help you with your projects.


Handwound fspaced humbucker(bullockguitarpickups.com). I wound this pickup for a friend who wanted to upgrade his jagstang. After a while he decided he wanted me to wind something even hotter, so i let him trade do a partial trade back. This pickup is white, uncovered, and has a little roadrash. It s four leads, with an alnico5 magnet, and roughly 10.9k ohms. Its a great sounding pickup, punchy as hell, and upgrade for a lot of fender guitars.


Because its got some scratches, im only looking for $45 shipped in the states. A few extra bucks elsewhere.



Ive got some black, elephant ear wilkinson bass tuners - a set of four for 2-on-a-side headstocks. These are brand new and have never been installed. I paid 44+ shipping for the set. And id like to sell them for $35 shipped.



Third, ive got a black, Astyle bass bridge from guitarfetish. Its supposedly a really nice upgrade for fenderstyle bridges, and it is a pretty hefty little bridge. This has never been installed on anything. Id like to get $20 shipped for it.



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