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Pickups for sale.


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All pickups are paypal gift preferred but not required.

References (I've never had a negative feedback mark anywhere):

eBay - 461

Agile Guitar Forum - 17

Jemsite - 3

Sevenstring.org - 2




Tonerider Generator TRH2 guitar pickup set in Nickel - $65 shipped


Generator Set - TRH2


Cut through the mix and demand to be heard!


A full-blooded, harmonically rich neck pickup delivers rock and blues tones with power to spare, while the high-output bridge pickup can take you from bluesy rock to screaming solos. Rolling off the volume knob reveals great, useable clean tones.


DC Resistance: 8.0k (neck), 16k (bridge)

Magnets: Alnico V





The weird texture is just the reflection of my ceiling. There is one tiny little indent on the bridge pickup right above the low E string pole that isnt showing up in the picture.




Agile 3x00 pickup set (A5) - $40 shipped


Just trying to clear out some gear. These are the alnico 5 pups from Agile 3x00 guitars.


These have a bit of an aged look IMO.



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