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FS: Evans Eliminator 2 humbucker pair, black


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Here's a pair of black Evans Eliminator 2 humbuckers (or double-coils, not sure which is technically correct). I picked them up used but never got around to installing them.


Alex Lifeson, Jeff Healey, and reportedly Stevie Ray Vaughan have used Evans.


I'm not sure what the wiring scheme is, but here are the readings I got about 20 minutes ago:

white-red 12.36
white-black 6.19
red-black 18.59
12" of lead

white-red 14.89
white-black 12.94
red-black (no reading)
5" of lead

Payment via PayPal. US$150 includes insured express shipping (EMS) to anywhere in the world. It usually takes less than a week from Japan to the US, Europe and Australia. Not sure about other locations.

Here's a link to more information about Evans pickups. Let me know if you have any questions.

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