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loaded strat guards and such


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I have some more to add if anyone's looking.  

All factory USA Highway One Electronics/harness, Alnico S/S/S with the "Grease Bucket" tone controls system.  loaded in to a USA Fender 57' reissue 1-layer all-white guard (standard fender bright white 8-hole) with the fender control cavity shield, and all the plastics

I will post pix soon, looking for $80 shipped for the HWY one/57guard


Second is a mutt pickguard which consists of a USA fender lonestar strat tortise guard HSS (11 hole), with Fender MIM Ceramic Mid/Neck single coils, Black Dimarzio Covers, Black tone/tone/tone knobs, black switch tip, and a Rio Grande Bastard P-90 pickup in the bridge that has some cosmetic issues (the cover is black and has been cut down to fit on top of the pickguard rather than thru the pickguard) 

I'll post pix to detail the cosmetic issues with it.  

$65 shipped for the Rio Grande tort guard

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