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A Couple of Mini-Humbucker Sets...


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Hello everyone! I've got a couple of sets of mini-humbuckers for sale. Both are in great condition with minimal wear:

GFS Minitron Humbuckers (Liverpool Set)
This is a jangly, Gretsch-ish set of mini-hums that fit in most firebird style mini-hum rings. Here's a link to the product at GFS. Please check any specs there. I will post photos later today. - $45 Paypal'd and Shipped in CON US.

GFS Liverpool Minitrons Info

Wilkinson/Italia Mini-humbuckers - These were pulled from an Italia Rimini Deluxe guitar and to be honest, I should have left them in there... They sound great! A nice mixture of humbuckers and single coils, sonically. I'll try to get resistance readings and photos up a little later. $35 Paypal'd and Shipped in CON US.

Meanwhile, here's the best example that I've found of what these pickups sound like:

PM me if interested in either set.
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