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All sorts of cheap minty stuff!!! Must sell ASAP!!!


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So this is my last ditch effort to pay some bills!! My loss truly is your gain on this gear. You could easily resell this stuff for a healthy profit (just check the used prices on ebay) or just enjoy a great deal on some low mileage gear. The only reason Im selling at these prices is because I need the money NOW and cant wait for ebay/paypal, etc.


If you know another way to get this money to me instantly then we can work it out, just email me here or at jettbrian@titan.sfasu.edu !!!

Look me up at someguy234u on ebay and buy this stuff with confidence. Have good deals on here with loddie,  guitaral96, executorg. Feel free to call me at 409-594-4668 to express any concerns that you may have. I am more than happy to work out a deal that you feel comfortable with, just let me know.

Gear has already been packed up and is ready to ship w/ insurance ASAP!

So here is whats for sale:

1 set of brushed chrome in-line Sperzel guitar tuners.  (New and in the box.)  SOLD   $35.00

Voodoo Lab control switcher  allows midi control of many of your amps features. (Mint)     $65.00

T.C. Electronic G-Major guitar multi-effects system. The display has some bad LEDs on it but is functional. Powers up fine but the power button mest be pressed hard on power-up. Missing a knob on the right side(cheap fix) rotary control. Fully functional, works fine.     $85.00

Tech 21 Midi Moose midi foot controller. Has an added switch to turn off 9v when not in use without unplugging entire controller. Very easy to use, efficient midi controller.  (In good condition)    $75.00

Dunlop DC Brick pedal power supply. Comes withpower supply,  7  9v hookup daisy chains and 1 chain for powering line 6 efx. (Mint)     $40.00

Focusrite Saffire 6 Usb digital recording interface.  (Mint)     $50.00

Dimarzio DP419BK Area 67

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