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sold 11/5/2013


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Got another one of those MIM Squier Strats bodies. Neck is long gone. Body is stamped Squier in the heel but many of you know that Fender sold MIM Strats as both "Fenders" and "Squiers" that used the same full-size alder bodies and necks but different hardware (the Squiers had cheaper tuners, small pots, bridgepieces were not stamped Fender vintage-style, etc). I have had this laying around for months and thought somebody else might have some use for it.


Guitar was a 1994 - as indicated on the pickguard wiring diagram) This body is a nice bright red (fiesta red-ish). It is in very good shape except for where it apparently had been dropped on it's edge (check out the pic). Pickguard is original single-ply (the Squiers had single plys instead of 3-plys). Has had Schaller-style straplocks installed at some point.


Although the pots and switch look original, the pickups are not original, they are some sort of upgraded alnicos. The electronics need some work as they are not fully wired. I cannot guarantee anything about the functionality of the pickups and wiring - (THIS IS HOW I GOT THIS!)


Would make a nice starting point for a project or use it as a bit reliced!


SOLD 11/5/2013






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