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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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I have a few pickups for sale.

Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 with chrome cover. Asking $50 shipped.

Seymour Duncan '59 SH-1N Black with no logo. 4 conductor. Asking $45 shipped.

EMG ESP LH-300 set. Removed from an '07 LTD FX-260. Asking $45 shipped for the set. These actually sound pretty good. They sound more like the active EMG 81 & 85 combo than EMG HZs do.

GFS VEH with nickel cover. Asking $25 shipped. Will sell both GFS as a set for $40.

GFS FAT PAT with chrome cover. Asking $20 shipped. Will sell both GFS as a set for $40.

Squier John 5 pickup set. Removed from the Squier J5 Tele I used to have. They were made to look like the DiMarzio D Activators that John uses but are not DiMarzios. Asking $45 shipped for the set.

If you want multiple pickups I might be able to make a better deal. Just PM me and we'll figure something out. I'm also willing to trade on these. Looking for a set of zebra creme/black pickups, but I might take a double black set. So feel free to make offers.

I have pics of all of these. Just PM me for them.

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I've got some stuff I'll trade or sell;

Gibson 500T- 50$ (black) good shape. Bought it from a forum it's here and never used it.

Dimarzio Paf Pro- 35$ (red and f-spaced). Knocked a couple bucks off because one of the threads is a little worn out. I put Teflon tape on the screw to give it a little more meat.

Dimarzio Super 3- 55$ (black f-spaced) Great shape and sounds awesome.

Prices are shipped.

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Gotta a bunch for sale/trade in my sig..

Only one I'm really looking for at the moment would be a Dimarzio Gravity Storm, which I'm sure hasn't been out long enough to be on the chopping block already, but who knows.. I have also have an brand new Un-opened Dimarzio paf dp103 that is trade.

I guess though, I need a 7 string pickup.. So I'm open to trades for that.. I have a blaze custom for trade.. Or I'd trade a6 string pickup, don't matter to me. I'm looking for a Duncan I think.. Maybe a full shred or Custom 7 stringer. Just throw some ideas at me. I would be interested in even Dimarzio d activator neck pickup.. Also, a bare knuckle aftermath.. I spose you could choose 2 or 3 of mine for a Bare knuckle

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Dimarzio Megadrive with 3.5 inch lead



Seymour Duncan Blackouts neck/middle, unused like new




Dimarzio PAF Joe F-spaced (unopened)



Will trade for Tele pickups, locking tuners, wilkinson roller nut, lsr roller nut, strat neck or body, 2-point Fender American standard bridge.

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