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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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I have a few pickups for sale.

Seymour Duncan Dimebucker with it's original form fitting mounting ring. Asking $50 plus shipping.

EMG HZ H4 in black. Asking $30 plus shipping.

EMG ESP LH-300 set. Removed from an '07 LTD FX-260. Asking $50 plus shipping for the set. These actually sound pretty good.

GFS VEH with nickel cover. Asking $25 plus shipping.

Squier John 5 pickup set. Removed from the Squier J5 Tele I used to have. They look like DiMarzio D Activators. Asking $40 plus shipping for the set.

I'm also willing to trade on these. Not looking for anything specific. Just other quality pickups. Feel free to make offers.

I have pics of all of these. Just PM me for them.

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Have a set of Dimarzio D'Activators in black/creme. I'd like to sell them but may entertain trades for one or the set. Excellent condition and plenty of lead left. $80 for the set..

I need a NECK pickup with long leads. Intrested in a Duncan Jazz, '59 or what do you have??

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What I have:

*SD SH-5 Custom w/8" lead.


*SD Designed Distortions HB 103N & HB 103B (bridge and neck) 7" lead on bridge-12" neck.



*SD HotRod Set (SH-4 JB & SH-2 Jazz) 12" on both-I installed and removed the same day.



Any blems are from the camera.

What I'm after:

Duncan Distortions, Duncan El Diablo (Not the Iommi) Crunchlab/Liquifire. I may also consider EMG's or Blackouts.


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Looking to trade some Bare Knuckle War Pigs for some humbucker sized p90s. Brand doesn't matter, as long as there isn't suck, though I'd prefer BKP because of the high value of the War Pigs!

Also have a Seymour Duncan little '59 neck single coil size for sale.

Will put up photos tomorow morning.

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Looking for a humbucker go to in the neck position of my Fender Strat. Must be black. PM me with whatcha got, no EMG or active pickups or anything like. Other than that, I'm open to pretty much anything. If I don't get/see anything I like here I'll just end up buying GFS pickups.

PM me with a shipped price, I also don't have paypal, so I need to send a money order.

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Chrome Air classic regular spaced w/13 inches of 4 wire lead ,I used it it the neck GONE/SOLD

Chrome Air norton F spaced with 9 inches of 4 wire lead

Want Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Neck or SH11 custom custom, or sell for

$45 each shipped and paypaled conus.




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