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Vintage EV EVM-12L speakers, LIKE NEW!


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I have 2 vintage EVM 12L 8ohm speakers from 1993/1994 that are like new in the box... installed for 5 minutes to make sure they work. MADE IN USA! These are HIGHLY sought after and hard to find... I couldn't locate a single one for sale on the web! These are NOT reproductions, they are the real deal! Clearest 12" speaker ever made for guitar. Was standard equipment from Dumble amps, Fuchs amps, etc.


New reproduction models are called "black label" as Zack Wylde uses them. They sell for over $350- ea.


I'm looking to get $350- each which is a steal + actual shipping. I may consider trades for quality guitar related or studio equipment???


Best to email me direct at:





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