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Bit 3 13 slot, Mtech Laptop, Novation Remote 25, more.

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SBS Bit3 13 slot PCI expansion chassis (incl host card & 2 ribbon cables) $750 obo

Digidesign MixFarm PCI Card (2) $500 ea

Digidesign Samplecell II card (2) 32MB, RevD $25 each

Digidesign 7 node ribbon cable $100

Digidesign 10 node ribbon cable $150

M-Tech laptop:

* 17" WUXGA w. Glass View Nvidia GeForceGo 7800 GTX 256MB VRAM

* Pentium M (780) 2.26 Ghz 533Mhz Front Side Bus

* 2048 PC2-4200 (533 Mhz) RAM

* 120 GB - 5400 RPM SATA Drive

* DVD+_ R/RW Drive Dual Layer

* WebCam

*56kModem/Ethernet 4 in 1

*Card Reader

*Intel Pro WLAN (802.11a/b/g), Bluetooth

* Smart Li-Ion Battery

* Deluxe Carry Case

* Powercord, manual, all software including WinXP Pro SP2

* Fully updated

Novation Remote25SL $300

Primera BravoII CD Duplicator $1300



Email D.L.Spang at gmail dot com

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