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Tascam US-122 and the Fender Blues Junior

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Hi all,

I have been recording for a while using my Tascam unit and a crappy old amp. This amp has an external speaker jack that I connect straight into my tascam. Whilst not as clean a sound as miking up the amp it helps with noise reduction etc (I am in a smaller flat) and helps eliminate other environment noise (traffic) etc coming into play.

I have now purchased a fender blues junior (absolutely love it) and wanted to ask whether or not I could hook things up in a similiar way (whenever I cannot just mike the amp it up). There is an internal jack that allows you to connect to a "8 ohm speaker" rather than the speaker in the cabinet. I wanted to see if you beleive there is any problem with connecting it straight to the Tascam? I run everything through Logic and then use smaller monitors connected to my computer to listen.

The fender is a bigger and more expensive amp than my last one so don't want to risk things!

Thanks for your help - it is much appreciated.

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