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FS: Laptop PC, loaded with software

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I recently got a laptop off of a buddy of mine thinking I'd use it a lot and I've realized that I have no use for 2 laptops. One is good enough for me. It's nearly 3 months old and is a capable music machine.


It's is a HP laptop with a 1.6 ghz dual core Turion X2 processor, 1 gig of RAM, 120 gig hard drive virus-free with Windows XP Professional installed, dual layer DVD burner, 14.1" Tru-Brite glossy widescreen, built in wireless, firewire, and webcam. Glossy black finish with chrome accents and blue lights. Sexy.


There are 2 issues, however:


My friend that I got it from was using the laptop to DJ. (He was running Serato.) Anyway, one night after a gig we were carrying {censored} back to the car when the strap to his Ortofon record bag broke, and the laptop was inside. It suffered a small crack to the back bottom-left corner. There's a hairline crack and a tiny piece of silver plastic missing. It doesn't affect the functionality of the laptop in ANY way.


Also, when the laptop fell it somehow popped a couple of keys off of the keyboard and we lost the clips for them. It's not really a big deal since you can still use the missing keys by just pressing the rubber button. Plus the keys missing are crap that rarely gets used: - [ ] ; and the right-side shift key. I priced a replacement keyboard on eBay and they are only $23. It would take no time at all to pop the new keys on.


Other than these 2 tiny problems, the laptop is in GREAT shape. It's very portable and lightweight and gets great battery life. Much, much better than my Gateway.


I'm pretty broke right now and I'm not using the laptop, so I need to sell it.


It includes the laptop and power/charger cable ONLY! I'm asking $450 + actual shipping and I'm not willing to haggle on the price. The laptop is available for a local pickup if you can make it to Evansville, IN. Otherwise I accept POSTAL money orders only. I have references on this forum and elsewhere.


There's pics below. If you have any other questions, shoot!



Front view



Close-up of back left corner hairline crack and missing plastic sliver



Close-up of missing keys



Side view 1



Side view 2




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